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Great news! The IHG Rewarding Meetings Promotion deadline has been extended until 31st August 2013! So it’s not too late to register and earn fantastic rewards when you book meetings at any of our hotels.

You can earn a choice of great gifts by booking meetings at participating IHG Hotels across Europe, including Crowne Plaza, Hotel Indigo, Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express.

And remember, the more meetings you book, the more rewards you receive.


Earn a great gift in five easy steps


1.Register your details and choose your gift from our huge selection

Click here to register now!

2.Quote your personal participation code when booking your meetings with the hotels (this will be supplied when you register)

3.If you book a meeting in the UK record the revenue of your meeting in the ‘add meetings’ section of the website before 31st August. You will receive a confirmation email from the hotel once the meeting has been approved, so make sure to regularly login to the website to see how close you are to your chosen reward.

4.If booking a meeting in Europe (excluding the UK) your activity will be logged for you by the hotel directly. You will receive an email to confirm when your account has been updated.

5.Once you have held meetings to the value of your chosen gift, you can choose to receive your gift, or choose a different gift, the choice is yours.

And the really good news is that once you redeem your first gift you can choose another. In fact you can choose up to 3 gifts in total, one from each of the reward tiers.


More Meetings. More Rewards.



Sony DJ Headphones, Rollei Tripod and Lens for iPod


Apple TV, Sony Wireless Speaker, Philips Waterproof Camera


iPad Mini, Kindle Fire HD, Samsung Galaxy Camera


Register now and make sure that your meetings are booked and held between the 1st September 2013 and 28th February 2014 to earn a choice of these great new gadgets!